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Microsoft calls Windows 11 the most secure Windows yet, and that tag comes at the cost of backward compatibility. Trusted Platform Module 2.0, aka TPM 2.0, is one of those requirements. The Cloud download option downloads a new copy of Windows 11 from Microsoft servers before reinstalling it. The Local reinstall option reinstalls Windows 11 from a secret source of Windows installation files hidden on your device’s local drive. It also restores any OEM software that came with the PC. How long the download and install process takes will depend on the speed of your PC and your internet connection.

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It gives Microsoft time to solve most problems which are discovered after the release. Not quite the same situation, but I was thinking of buying a new computer when the talk of Windows 11 started. I’ve decided that I can hold off purchasing until Windows 11 is launched and computers come with it pre-installed.

  • It helped me fix the issue and it’s now working smoothly.
  • For more PC tips, why not read our guides on how to see your Wi-Fi password in Windows 11 and how to find out which Windows version I have.
  • Windows Hello is a biometrics-based technology that lets Windows 10 users authenticate secure access to their devices, apps and networks with iris scans, facial recognition or fingerprints.
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Being retired and now a light user, I have the option. Actually, Windows 98 wasn’t that bad, there were a lot of good improvements over 95. Although there were some GUI changes that looked ok, there was also a lot of odd fluffware. Of course, like any release, people argue that the good changes should have been service packs for the older releases… Pushing TPM is for copy protection and DRM which they cannot roll out if people don’t have the necessary hardware to let M$ keep secrets from them on their own computer. I should have done what you did, but i was lured by the shiny upgrade to windows 11 button.

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An ISO is a ‘disk image’ which is essentially a downloadable version of the contents of a disc, allowing the installation process to mirror that of a physical disc. Additionally, Windows 11 helps improve security by hosting some virtualized security features within isolated sections of the system memory. These security features live in this isolated section which is entirely separate from the OS itself, which is a particularly effective way of defending from the most common forms of cyber attack. Some of these are key improvements to do with security and privacy, and some are more surface level, however, given that it’s the operating system of the whole computer, all the pieces matter. There are several reported hiccups on a list Microsoft maintains on its website. The semiconductor maker AMD also recently announced it would fix performance issues with Windows 11 that slowed down processing time.

New titles would be optimized to take advantage of Windows 11’s features, from DirectX 12 Ultimate to Direct Storage. Originally developed for the Xbox, Direct Storage intends to leverage the high-data transfer speeds of NVMe SSDs to deliver game data more efficiently. The API is still new, so details are scarce, but the idea is to use a GPU to quickly decompress game assets and transfer them to the game almost instantaneously. And the best part is that all Windows 10 users will be getting a free update. Visuals…entire theme is similar to Mac OS In the article Windows Explorer was also mentioned. Microsoft created Explorer, but has never How to reinstall Realtek HD Audio Manager on Windows 10/11 fully understood it’s potential.

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