I wish my parents had called and told the kids, “Listen, Julius is going through recovery and he’s not allowed to drink or do drugs, so please be aware.” But he didn’t want anyone to know that he wasn’t “normal.” It’s pretty well known that mental health and substance abuse often go hand-in-hand, you know what I mean? It’s something close to 60 percent of people with mental health disorders have an accompanying, co-occurring substance use disorder, and vice versa. I think that happened very quickly, because it was overnight.

Every year, it sponsors a music therapy program at a camp for at-risk children. The foundation also sponsors open mic nights and other sober musical events in New Jersey, where people moderate, heavy, binge can hang out and have fun without the temptation of drugs or alcohol. When Julius Trombino was struggling with an opioid addiction, music was the one thing that helped him stay sober.

Her album’s coming out like next month, and she’s got like three songs on the album written about him. But she also covered his song “When the alcohol toxicity and withdrawal Night’s Over.” Julius inspired her to sort of start singing. She’s a phenomenal singer and I know she’s going to be famous someday in the U.S.

  • Her OxyContin use quickly spiraled from 40 mg per day to 450 mg per day.
  • Cathartic musical activities aiding in the recovery process, such as song writing and drum circles, will be practiced in these sessions.
  • It’s like a fun activity or hobby if it’s done in a sober environment that we can give and bring to these people in recovery.
  • The group is an example of how musicians and artists — and, in some cases, their loved ones — are using their stories of addiction to inspire others and spark change.

Please share a memory of Julius to include in a keepsake book for family and friends. At the height of her addiction, Goldin said, she wasn’t even getting high, she was just avoiding withdrawal and lived like a hermit, rarely leaving her house. “My life revolved entirely around getting and using Oxy. Counting, crushing and snorting was my full-time job,”she wrote.

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That really affected him through the rest of high school because he no longer had those friends. I don’t think I could ever forgive people for leaving me when all these kids were bullying me, so I don’t blame him for that, but, like I guess the drug use, the escalating, definitely was not immediate. Well, my dad was a drummer, so I mean, music has always been in our household. We always had a drum set in the basement growing up, and so Jules kind of took on the drums, and then by age six started.

The Rights Holder for media is the person or group credited. We are partnering also with Community in Crisis in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, which is my hometown, and we’ll be putting a music room in there, and hosting a fun music night, hopefully monthly, actually, there. Well, yeah, we want to get to the national level eventually, yeah. And it affected the entire community.

julius trombino death

The heroin was not in the freshman year. I think maybe when he was living in the dorm at NYU during the summer course, maybe age 17, was when the heroin started. But the pain killers, probably sophomore year, probably started with weed, though. Well, when he was younger, like before high school, he was a great football player, baseball, basketball. He was on all the athletic teams, always on the competition teams, and always the star athlete.

Leaving a Legacy After Overdose: How Artists’ Stories are Inspiring Others

But a lot of people got tattoos in his memory, more than I would have ever thought. You know, everybody talks about the difference between when their loved one was actively using, and then when they found maybe a period of time where they were sober and just how much it brightens up their life. It’s called “When the Night’s Over,” so that’s actually still a crowd favorite, still a fan favorite.

Our foundation truly believes that music has the power to heal addiction and bring happiness back into people’s lives because we saw it happen first hand with Julius. While in recovery, Julius kept busy by attending his daily meetings, taking college classes, working out, going to the beach and hanging out with his friends, but most of all, his passion for music is was what kept him sober. Specifically, while in Florida, Julius looked forward to performing at his local coffee shops’ open mic nights each week! There, he was surrounded by supportive people who shared the same interests & challenges as he did. These types of musical occasions motivated Julius to keep singing, playing, and performing because he had something to look forward to each week!

Trombino died of a heroin overdose in 2016, but an organization that bears his name carries on his legacy by bringing music to others in recovery. The group is an example of how musicians and artists — and, in some cases, their loved ones — are using their stories of addiction to inspire others and spark change. After her brother Julius died of a heroin overdose, Christina Trombino started the nonprofit Love More for Julius to ensure his memory lived on. Julius, an incredibly talented musician, hoped to inspire people to love each other more through his music. Noticing the therapeutic value of music on Julius’s life, Christina and her organization now strive to build music rooms and bring music therapy to people in recovery.

julius trombino death

We publish material that is researched, cited, edited and reviewed by licensed medical professionals. The information we provide is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. It should not be used in place of the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare providers. Love More For Julius is determined to utilize music as a therapy tool for recovery, and also as a fun hobby/activity to maintain sobriety!

Oh, and we’re also accepting instruments or recording equipment as donations, as well. You can donate new or used instruments, sheets of music, music stands, equipment, anything you want. So, parents, this is an option for your kid. Speak with your town, and it’s best to not put your kid back in the environment the cage, mast, & audit screening tools to assess if you have an alcohol use disorder that they were in previously, because you don’t want to trigger any of the things that trigger their drug use. Right, it gives them an opportunity to be surrounded by peers who have similar experiences and can support each other through high school, then. Keep this as a frame of reference for our audience.

Mar 15, 44 BC: Julius Caesar Assassinated

The death of John Lennon was an influence on the Stevie Nicks hit “Edge Of Seventeen.” He’s the one with the “words of a poet and voice from a choir.” To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. Our recovery programs are designed with you in mind.

julius trombino death

One of those people he inspired was his sister, Christina. After Julius died, Christina wanted his memory to live on by helping others who were just like Julius. Around his 21st birthday, his roommates and friends wanted to take him out for a drink to celebrate. A couple of days later, Julius died from a heroin overdose. He was at the cusp of making it, but Julius also faced a lot of hardship in high school. He struggled with depression and he was bullied.


I found this out after he passed away. My parents told me this, but I guess he had always told my parents that even from a young age, he would feel very sad, and he didn’t know why, but he didn’t like it, and apparently he would pray to God to make it better. We want to play a little bit of Julius’ music for our listeners now, and this song is “Love More.” And this was actually the one that you said was the inspiration for your foundation, Love More for Julius.

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He was able to find long-term sobriety while living in a recovery home in south Florida. He attended college down there during that time, and he even played his music at open mic night at a few coffee shops. Science backs up several benefits of music therapy in people struggling with addiction. A2014 study in the Journal of Addictions Nursingnotes that music can improve patients’ moods and emotions.

But Julius seemed to hit a turning point when he moved to Florida, completed another rehab program and moved intosober living. So, that’s when my dad took him to rehab, and sober living homes. He stayed there for four months, and was doing amazing, and then he came home and he relapsed, and spent the next couple of years in and out of rehab and intensive outpatient programs and sober living homes. He was in Florida and Pennsylvania and New Jersey and just all over the place, but he kept relapsing over and over again, until this last year of his life, when he was in Florida. He was sober and doing well, and that was the last year of his life, when it finally worked for him and he maintained sobriety for about a year before he passed.

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